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John Fulton

49 N. Merkle Rd.
Bexley, OH 43209
(614) 565-8382

Employment History:

Lead Programmer/Analyst  2000 – current

Grange Insurance Companies

Columbus, OH

  • Part of a design and development team for inward and outward facing web pages and web services.
  • Technologies include: ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, SQL, LINQ, Visual Studio, and Google Analytics

Adjunct Faculty in Computer Science 1998 – 2009 (part-time)

Franklin University

Columbus, OH

  • Provide classroom instruction to major and non-major students in Computer Science
  • Teach and lead students through basic concepts of Computer Science, design, programming, testing and documentation using a variety of instructional techniques
  • Develop, administer and evaluate labs, quizzes, midterms and finals to meet instructional goals
  • Course and workshop development for in-class and online instruction
  • Provide instruction in Java, C++, C#, assembly language, machine language, UNIX, design, testing, debugging, networking, computer architecture, and .Net

Vice President of Technology 1994 – 2000

NewFound Technologies, Inc.
Columbus, OH

  • Responsible for all software, hardware and systems integration for in-house and contract designers and developers
  • Product design and development
  • Information gathering, design, estimation, project planning and implementation for custom software development
  • Research, design and implementation of development tools and office environment for mobile and flexible sales and development staff
  • Key technologies include C, Oracle, SQL, ODBC, sockets, CGI, HTML, Visual Basic, Computer Telephony Integration, Windows, UNIX and TCP/IP

1979 – 1994

Huntington Banks
Columbus, OH

A series of progressively responsible technical, management and
research positions. Specifically:

Senior Technical Consultant 1991 – 1994

  • Primary project responsibility: Huntington/AT&T Smart Phone project
  • Responsible for team of 3 technical consultants
  • Product development and design
  • Technical and business planning for a new line of business
  • Vendor support and management
  • Human interface design
  • Technical interpretation, education and evaluation for marketing group
  • Sales call planning, preparation and evaluation

Manager of Network and Communication Systems Research 1989 – 1991

  • Projects included Virtual Voice Network, Intelligent T-1 multiplexor network, Desk-top videoconferencing
  • Reporting to Communications Director (voice and data communications)
  • Responsible for up to 4 analysts and project managers
  • Research on current and projected industry directions
  • Early project management for major implementations
  • Internal and external customer consulting and sales support
  • Initial management of Local Area Network implementations and support group

Lead Programmer/Analyst    1983 – 1989

  • Support for Interactive Voice Response, Automated Teller Machine networks, Wire Transfer, 100 Megabit/second inter-host link, inter-organizational file transfer
  • Responsible for up to 12 programmers and senior programmers
  • Work load, hire/fire and line management responsibilities
  • On-campus recruiting, interviewing and speaking
  • Team building, productivity and quality responsibilities
  • Technical resource for internal and external customers

Senior Programmer 1982 – 1983

  • DEC, HP, Tandem, Unisys and other environments
  • COBOL, C, various assembly and proprietary languages
  • Technical leadership on multiple applications across mini-computer and mainframe platforms
  • Project management responsibilities across organizational lines

Programmer/Analyst    1979 – 1982

  • Assembly and machine language development and hardware integration
  • Mini-computer application development, support and vendor liaison
  • Progressive responsibility for application support, problem solving and user communication
  • Low-level technical troubleshooting of data communications interfaces and problems

Programmer 1978 – 1979

Oregon State University

Department of Physical Oceanography
Corvallis, OR

  • Develop, test and integrate standard set of input/output drivers for DEC PDP-11/05 to storage devices
  • Design, document, test and integrate software tools to allow interoperation of data gathering system with hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape and punched paper tape


  • Master of Science, Information Security (Forensics) , 2014 (planned), Utica College, Utica, NY (in progress)
  • Master of Science, Computer Science, 2003 , Franklin University, Columbus OH
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 1979, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (Systems Programming concentration)
  • Graduate work in Communication and in Industrial & Systems Engineering at The Ohio State University
  • Classes, workshops and seminars: Visual C++, CICS, DB2, Network Planning, Local Area Networks, Unix, C, Memory Cards, ISDN, Project Leadership, Exceptional Management Practices and many other technical and management topics

Publications and Patents:

  • DARPA Grand Challenge – a pioneering event for autonomous robotic ground vehicles. Fulton, J., & Pransky, J. (2004). Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 31, 414-422. Abstract
  • A Human Factors Approach to Non-Human Computer Interaction, or Why My Parrot Needs a Keyboard of His Own. A student paper presented at the 2003 Midwest Region of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. Oct. 2003. Denison College, Granville, OH.
  • Communications network interface for user friendly interactive access to online services. U.S. Patent number 6,182,052 filed October 27, 1997, granted January 30, 2001. Based on work done in 1994 for Huntington Banks with co-inventors Marianne Shepard and Thomas Shafer.
  • Communications network interface for user friendly interactive access to online services. U.S. Patent number 7,599,859 filed January 12, 2005, granted October 6, 2009. Based on work done in 1994 for Huntington Banks with co-inventors Marianne Shepard and Thomas Shafer.


  • Expert Fact Witness – Joao Bock Transaction Systems,LLC v. Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., Southern District of New York, Case No. 3:03 -cv- 10199 (2009 – 2010) Provided expert report on obviousness and trial testimony for defendant regarding prior art.

Past Professional Interests and Positions:

  • Chair, Financial Services Working Group, North American ISDN Users Forum, sponsored by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Co-investigator, Study on the use of an Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) to provide disaster recovery communications, a joint project with Huntington Banks, NASA and Ohio University (ACTS was launched by the shuttle Discovery September, 1993 as a part of STS-51)
  • Member, ANSI ANS X.12 working group on bill rendering for retail payments (X12/WG3/SG4)
  • Associate, Center for Advanced Study in Telecommunications (CAST), Ohio State University. An honorary title, associates “…have expertise in some area of telecommunications or are engaged in telecommunications research.”
  • Member, Advisory Board, McClure School of Communications Systems Management, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
  • Member of the Core Technical Staff, 2004 DARAP Grand Challenge. As a volunteer provided support for a variety of hardware and software at the Challenge Operation Center in Primm, NV