Slow Computer

“My computer is slow, do I have a virus?”

Sadly, unless you have been very careful with installing and updating anti-virus software,  answer is often yes.

It’s the problem that I’m called for most frequently.

You can buy a new computer.

Or you can call for help.

I have tools to get you back up and running even if you’re computer is completely frozen.

Once your virus is gone, I can help keep it away.

I use, recommend and install McAfee virus protection.


Steps that you might take to speed up your computer:

  • Review startup programs and services using msconfig
  • Do a quick scan using McAfee
  • Disk cleanup and empty recycling bin
  • Remove unneeded programs
  • Spyware removal using Malwarebytes
  • Defrag setup for automatic daily
  • Run ccleaner